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How to Design Your Commercial Gym Layout in Tasmania

Designing an effective layout when planning commercial gym fitouts is essential for attracting and retaining new members while creating a welcoming environment for working out. At Health and Leisure, we have extensive experience providing commercial gym equipment hire services to Tasmanian fitness centres. Here are some tips and basic principles to be aware of. 

First Impressions

Prospective members should be welcomed by a bright, spacious, aesthetically pleasing front desk and reception area. Depending on the amount of space you have to work with, include a lounge area and try to maximise natural light. With a large open welcome area, you create the perception that the rest of the gym will feel the same way. 

Items like large indoor plants are a great addition, but the fundamentals are more important. Low profile exercise equipment, for example, can create a clear line of sight throughout the facility and create a sense of space. Opt for flooring that is durable, comfortable, safe and easy to clean.

Interior Colour Choice

You should opt for neutral colour schemes. Remember that people's moods, decisions and feelings of motivation can all be influenced by light and colour palettes. Whites, creams and beiges are all good options, as are large mirrors. This helps maximise the feeling of space and brightness. Avoid creating dark and dingy spaces in your gym. Add a touch of luxury with contemporary fittings, fixtures and finishes. Don't be afraid to consult an interior designer if you need help.

Create Different Zones

Generally speaking, the best approach is to separate different types of fitness equipment into different zones. Cardio equipment, cable machines, free weights, functional training, stretching, yoga, group training, boxing and martial arts are all potential different zones. This helps prevent confusion and distraction for users while creating a sense of cohesiveness and flow. 

Finding the right layout is all about optimal traffic management and preventing overcrowding. Users may start in the cardio area, moving onto cable machines and free weights for the majority of their workout and head over to the stretching area to finish off.

Traffic Flow

Finding the right layout is all about optimal traffic management and preventing overcrowding. A good approach is to have the cardio area in the first section of your gym as it is some of the most common and least intimidating equipment for beginners to use. You may then follow this area with cable machines, with free weights and heavier plate loaded strength training equipment located towards the back of the gym. The aim is to create open walkways that make each designated area easy to find and get to with appropriate storage racks placed throughout the gym to eliminate clutter.

Change Rooms and Storage

Change rooms, showers and locker space is a big deciding factor for many members looking at potential new gyms. Ensure you provide adequate facilities with sufficient privacy, space and storage. Change room areas that are too small can be awkward, cramped and uncomfortable.

Commercial Fitness Equipment Hire in Tasmania

At Health and Leisure, we provide commercial fitness equipment hire services throughout Tasmania, taking away the hassle and burden of upfront equipment purchases. From exercise bikes to cross trainers, treadmills, rowing machines and much more, we provide everything you need to execute the perfect gym fitout.

To enquire about commercial gym equipment hire, call today on 03 6234 5796 or contact us online.

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