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20 Degree Slope Slant Board

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Hippy Chippy Slant Boards are a vital piece of gym equipment for strength training, mobility and rehabilitation. 

There are a wide variety of movements and exercises that can be performed on the Hippy Chippy Slant Boards such as calf raises, raised heel squats, Jefferson curls and ankle stretching. Making them suitable for rehabilitation from knee injuries, Achilles tendon problems and plantar fasciitis.

Hippy Chippy Slant Boards change your foot position at a variety of different degrees which removes the dorsiflexion element and improves accessibility to the full depth of your squat.

This allows you to build the strength in your quads while decreasing recovery time after training or injury. 

We offer three different angle boards. The 15 degree board is commonly used as a progression stage to increase mobility after surgery or injury. The ideal angle for building strength and mobility is between 20 and 24 degrees depending on your current mobility.

Our Slant Boards are handmade in Australia and feature a durable non-slip surface in a wide design suitable to use at home or in any gym setting.

Angle: 20°
Dimensions: 60 cm wide x 35cm deep

All designs are hand-made and arrive fully assembled.