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Again Faster Laser Speed Rope - Blue

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You'll never look forward to Double Unders more!

Designed to give you the best possible chance of nailing Double Unders, the Laser Speed Rope is our newest athlete essential.


Self-Locking Design - adjust the length of your rope without having to cut the cable.  Release with one hand to adjust the length as needed.

Double Bearing Build - designed to reduce friction and allow for a smoother rotation.  The rope will spin freely and smoothly at all times.

Optional Handle Weight - Want a heavier feel in the handle?  Add some additional weight to the handle quickly and easily.  

Knurled Handle - to provide maximum resistance and prevent slipping, even when you're sweating mid-workout.

Available in Blue, Red and Black handled versions - get yourself a new rope today.

Rope Length : 300cm (3meters)

Cable Thickness : 2.4mm

Colour: Blue