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HCE Deluxe Glute Ham Developer / GHD

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People have known for years that the Glute Ham Raise (GHR) was regarded as one the best movements for the posterior chain (lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves). All GHRs felt great at the start of the movement but lost the training effect as you reached the top. In many cases, you could not pull yourself into the top (peak) position without falling off the machine. People have discovered that angling the pad drastically improves the design and that is what is included on this model.

Made at a commercial gym equipment factory

Made from heavy duty 11 gauge steel (lower number = thicker steel)

Will not have a brand name on it at this stage so ideal for commercial gyms

Neutral grey power coating with black upholstery

Split pad design which makes it more comfortable on the man bag when using

Angled pad with heavy duty foam

Adjustable distance between the foot plate and pad

Independently adjustable foot holders so you can choose how tight you want your legs to fit into it

Attachment for bands if you’re up for it!

Wide handles (don’t interfere with bands)

Checkered foot plate for easy mounting

Wide foot plate