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Force USA Liquid Chalk

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Force USA has created a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t like traditional powder chalk.

An essential training aid for every weightlifter or CrossFit athlete, Force USA’s Liquid Weight Lifting Chalk offers a no-mess, hygienic solution and a super-strong grip for every workout.

Simply add a small spot to the palm of your hands, rub them together and the liquid chalk will dry quickly. The 250ml bottle will provide months of weight training in your home or studio gym. Add it to your gym bag today!

  • Fast application dries quickly in your hands for superior grip
  • Months of weight training in one convenient 250ml bottle
  • Perfect for gyms or fitness studios that don’t allow powder chalk
  • Avoid germs from shared chalk with your own hygienic solution


  • Usage: Domestic
  • Qty: 250 mls
  • Material: Magnesium carbonate