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Hire Pure Design VR2 Rowing Machine

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Enjoy Pure Design’s VR2 rowing machine for the results you want from your exercise and fitness routine – this machine trains strength and endurance in perfect proportion, training 9 major muscle groups at once. A rowing workout uses 84% of the body’s musculature, simultaneously, conditioning posture and cardiac cycle, as well as improving metabolism.


The water wheel technology also offers self-regulated resistance, allowing any user to utilize the rower machine without the need for adjustments. Due to its patented paddle and water tank, exercise intensity is infinitely variable – the harder you pull, the higher the intensity level. Water resistance simulates the feel of on-water rowing, exercise systems using water resistance are consistently quiet and efficient when in full use.


The fluid rower features a patented water flywheel system that provides a natural rowing motion similar to the feel of rowing in an actual body of water.


Rowing exercise further promotes functional muscles. Ideally, muscles should be resilient to enhance overall performance, while also supporting optimal posture. Thanks to rowing’s many specific demands on the body, this kind of training will ensure an efficient cardiovascular workout. Combined with a high calorie burning effect, a rowing workout remains superior to stationary bike or crosswalk exercise- not to mention: rowing against water resistance has a huge fun factor. Take the step to a firmer body and better posture with this rowing machine. Guaranteed to provide no strain on your joints, this rower emits the relaxing sound of rushing water with every stroke.


The included VR2 monitor measures your progress as well as track either your workout intensity or distance covered. Your can track the distance, monitor distance, Units -Meters, Miles, Kilometers, Strokes and Calories. Workout programs for Distance Interval and Time Interval are also included ie. meters per Second, 200 meter split, miles per hour, 2,000 meter split, watts, calories per hour.


This water powered rowing machine is constructed of a steel frame with Beech wood dual rails. The main body has a lasting powder coat finish while the rails have a special Danish oil finish. The Simplistic design requires minimal maintenance; Water purification tablets are also included with the rower.