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Knuckle Physio

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ocket Physio’s are specifically designed to allow individuals to perform self managed trigger point therapy. Trigger points within muscles are best described as a small area within a muscle belly which has a high concentration of nerve fibre endings. When a muscle is either damaged or overworked by exercise or activity this muscle point becomes highly re-active ie sensitive / and or painful to touch pressure. This is known as a trigger point. By applying gentle pressure to this point over a period of time, the muscle can relax. Progressively as this point becomes desensitized, more pressure can be applied and the muscle will function better due to less tightness or restriction.

Trigger points are a common cause of most joint pain, and are known to cause headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sold individually.

  • Colours may include - Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Aqua, Emerald Green, Lime, Purple, Light Blue