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Morgan Natural Cork Yoga Mat

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Work up that sweat without that crumbling, slipping, dragging towel!

The Morgan Natural Cork Yoga Mat is an eco-friendly alternative to a typical mat. It is made from recycled natural cork ideal for eco-conscious yogis. Unlike regular mats which can take hundreds of years to decompose, cork yoga mats are more sustainable.

The grip of this mat is excellent at preventing slippage during more vigorous workouts and is great for a sweaty yoga practice because of its natural antimicrobial properties. Uniquely designed with alignment lines and used by many yogi's, it helps you place your hands and feet properly and offer a guide for hip, arm, knee and chest alignment.

The natural cork yoga mat is also durable, made from 100% organic materials without any toxic chemicals that might pose health risks. No adhesives are used in the production process as cork is heat fused to the rubber base without glue. It is also great for people with skin sensitivities because it has the most gentle touch against your skin of any type of mat. The Morgan natural cork yoga mat also has a soft and comfortable feel underfoot.