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Spikeball Pro Kit - Includes 2 x Spike Pro Balls

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This is the ultimate Spikeball kit!

This one has everything you need for endless hours of rallies and years of enjoyment. Our Spikeball Pro Kits are the first choice for Australian schools, universities and households who want to get the most value for money. The sturdy body design keeps the set stable and net taught during the harshest of plays. A new material and added texture on the Pro Balls help players add topspin on their spikes and back spin on their drop shots.

It also comes with a durable backpack, hand pump and the all-important inflation gauge so you don't over-inflate the balls. 

The balls should arrive almost entirely inflated. To make sure they are just right, push the ball through the bright yellow circle on the backpack zip. If the ball can't pass through easily it is over-inflated. Release a little pressure using the inflation needle to make sure if passes through comfortably without much resistance. 

Why has this kit been the official tournament set in Australia and all around the world? 

It provides a consisted bounce off the net and durable enough to keep using over and over and over again. 

The Spikeball Pro Set includes:

  • Sturdy Spikeball Pro net and frame and collapsable legs
  • 2 Spikeball Pro balls for added spin and control
  • Portable ball pump and gauge
  • Backpack