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Sting Armaplus Full Face Head Guard

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What’s a fighter’s greatest asset both in and out of the ring? Yes, your fists may do all the talking, but maintaining a level head is the secret to dominating. That’s why a sturdy head guard with total visibility is one of the most essential pieces of boxing gear to include in your gym kit.

Sting’s Armaplus Full Face Head Guard offers optimal security alongside maximum visibility, making it a must-add to your boxing gym kit. The SLV3 outer skin of the Armaplus Full Face Head Guard provides exceptional durability, allowing fighters to rely on this competition-ready head guard over the course of their fight careers.

High-profile protective padding on the brow, cheeks, temples, and chin delivers a secure fit with minimal slip, helping you stay focused and fight-ready for longer. And the guard’s fast fit hook and loop adjustment system will only make your fit that much easier to manage in the unlikely event that you do experience a slip. 

Enjoy total comfort and performance with Sting’s Armaplus Full Face Head Guard, available in four sizes to ensure that you can find the perfect fit for you.

Size: L