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Trigger Point Carbon Deep Tissue Foam Roller

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The TriggerPoint CARBON Foam Roller helps to release the toughest, deepest knots, reduce muscle soreness, and prevent injury through deep-tissue self-massage.  Unlike traditional foam rollers, the CARBON goes deeper into tissue to treat tight and sore muscles that hinder mobility. Extra firm and high-profiled nodules go deep into tissue to alleviate tightness and soreness. For maximum results, use the CARBON Roller before and after physical activity. Place the CARBON under the muscle then slowly roll back-and-forth. Deepen the massage action with a side-to-side rocking motion to span the muscle. The CARBON is extremely firm and is recommended for experienced foam roller users with very dense muscle tissue that doesn't respond to traditional foam roller pressure. Measures 26 x 5.5 inches, and weighs 3.6 pounds; 500-pound weight limit; backed by one-year limited warranty.
  • Deep tissue roller for intense muscle relief
  • High-profiled nodules designed to go deep into tissue alleviate tight and sore muscles and mobilize muscles for optimal movement
  • Flat surface between the high-profiled nodules provides room for soft tissue displacement and manipulation enhancing the flow of nutrients
  • Recommended for experienced users with very dense muscle tissue
  • For maximum results, use the CARBON Roller before and after physical activity
Colour: Black