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Vuly Slam Pro Portable Basketball Hoop

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Slam Pro
Portable Basketball Hoop

Vuly Slam Pro™ is the world's most sophisticated portable basketball hoop system. With unmatched build quality and the signature Vuly flair for innovation, it's basketball - made for champions.

Get into the fun faster

Use the comfortable handle to quickly adjust hoop height to down to the millimeter. You'll even be able to assemble the whole unit in less than 1 hour - much faster than other basketball systems.

Raise or lower in seconds

Customize hoop height for serious players or little ones - up to the official NBA height. The amazing gas-powered strut raises itself with just a twist. Forget screw-jacks or fixed rungs, locking in the right level couldn't be easier.

Test a 3x sturdier structure

Dunk and play safely on a triple-pillar strut that's more than 15% larger than single pillar struts of competitors and has no weakening weld lines.

Triple-pillar circumference: 363 mm

Play tough
and smart

Set up on the most well-built foundation of any portable basketball hoop. Slam Pro's unique one-piece steel chassis makes it more robust and stable than any other system.

quality design

Slam Pro's base is moulded from a single piece of high-quality plastic, with no need for supporting rods that create trip hazards on other basketball hoop systems.

Move the system with ease

Find your perfect spot with a simple pull of a lever and a push. The one-piece chassis means that movement won’t loosen nuts and bolts or contribute to instability.