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Gym floor mat

Correct Gym Floor Mat for Your Exercise Business in Tasmania

When you’re choosing the correct gym floor mat to fit out your exercise business in Tasmania, you need to consider a range of different aspects and how they impact the environment you’re trying to cultivate for your customers. The team at Health and Leisure has expert knowledge of the many styles of gym mats. We have a wide range of products and can help you with installation. Call us today for a quote.

What to Consider

There are many options of gym floor mats you can use to fitout your gym and when choosing, you need to consider the following options:

How Durable Is It?

Exercise equipment is often very heavy, so one of the key features you need in floor mats is to handle continuous and heavy use. Stronger mats prevent you from having to invest more in replacements and repairs.

How Shock and Sound Resistant Is It?

A lot of exercise equipment, such as free weights and ellipticals, can produce noise, even if operated correctly and carefully. Our range of noise-cancelling floor mats will absorb the vibrations and sounds of noisy equipment, providing a more comfortable and inviting exercise space for your customers.

Is It Secure? Is It Safe?

A gym is often an environment where customers sweat, causing inferior gym floor mats to become slippery, which can cause injuries and accidents. Health and Leisure stocks floor mats with the grip strength needed to prevent slipping even when wet, with strong shock absorption to prevent joint injuries when using heavier weights.

How It Makes Your Gym Look

When designing the layout of your gym, one of the most important aspects is how your gym looks. The aesthetics of your exercise business are a personal preference and can provide customers with a welcoming environment to work out. Choose from our range of attractive styles that suit your preference.

When choosing which gym floor mats to stock your exercise space in Tasmania, Health and Leisure can offer you a range of products. Call us on 03 6234 5796 today.

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