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Gym flooring

Tips for Choosing the Right Gym Flooring in Tasmania

When planning out any new commercial or home gym space, it’s essential to think about gym flooring. A gym floor mat plays an essential role in protecting the equipment and the flooring underneath as well as providing a safer and more comfortable workout environment.

The type of flooring that is going to work best for your home gym is going to be heavily dependent upon how you use your home gym. Are you a yoga and resistance bands type of person, a bench press and dumbbell lifter or focused on high-intensity cardio?

EVA Foam Jigsaw Mats

Jigsaw mats are a versatile and cost-effective gym flooring solution for martial arts or weight impact reduction. Made from high density EVA foam, these textured non-skid tiles protect floors while creating a safe and comfortable workout space. These tiles are incredibly thick (20mm), making them ideal for judo, jiu jitsu, grappling, wrestling, boxing or any martial arts or gym training space requiring fall protection.

Jigsaw mats click together like a puzzle which makes them easy to set up and change configurations. This makes them perfect for creating adaptable spaces for high impact exercise in your gym. They are also a cost-effective solution for home gyms, providing a much nicer surface to workout on compared to hardwood or concrete flooring.

Rubber Gym Tiles

Rubber gym flooring is a quintessential piece of equipment in modern gyms today. Durable and versatile, it suits a variety of uses, spaces and setups and lasts years without showing signs of wear and tear. Commonly supplied as tiles, this floating gym flooring option offers great protection and is easy to clean. Rubber tiles are designed to absorb shock and noise, maintain traction when wet and resist odour, bacteria and germs.

Cushioning and shock absorption from rubber gym flooring prevent injuries and equipment damage. The noise reduction from a rubber gym floor mat is also useful for absorbing the noise of weight drops as well as ambient sound in cavernous spaces. At Health and Leisure, our rubber gym flooring is available in 1m by 1m squares you can place together or cut with a stanley knife to fit into corners or around other features of a room. With a thickness of 15mm and 12kg weight, these tiles are ideal for adding a durable layer of protection.

Synthetic Turf

Ideal for any gym, fitness or sports training centre looking to incorporate power sled and sprint training, synthetic turf offers a low resistance and durable surface. Synthetic turf gym flooring is easy to roll out, UV treated and with a non-slip base, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

An upright turf weave creates a lifelike usable surface allowing power sleds to naturally glide over the turf with the perfect amount of resistance. At Health and Leisure, our synthetic turf comes in rolls measured at 15m x 2m x 1.5cm in blue and green varieties.

Quality Gym Flooring in Tasmania

Health and Leisure supplies high quality, flexible and cost-effective gym flooring for commercial and home gyms. We make it simple to set up the perfect workout space from rubber grid flooring to jigsaw style mats and sports turf, with delivery available across Tasmania and Australia-wide. Explore our range or call us on 03 6234 5796 or contact us online for any questions.

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