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Legs of a girl in sneakers who runs on a treadmill.

Benefits of Treadmill Hire for Home Gyms in Tasmania

Treadmills are one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment Australians love to have at their home gym. It’s not hard to understand why. They’re convenient, simple to use and highly effective as a workout tool. At Health and Leisure, we provide treadmill hire Tasmania homeowners can depend on for affordable, accessible fitness at home. We outline some of the key benefits of having a treadmill at home.

Ideal for Low Impact Exercise

Treadmills are a great stationary workout tool you can use for walking, running or climbing. They are ideal for achieving a variety of health and fitness goals, including:

  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Muscle strengthening 
  • Weight loss
  • Building bone density
  • Improving balance
  • Contributing to your mental wellbeing

Unlike other exercise and fitness tools, there isn’t much of a learning curve either. It’s intuitive, easy and has minimal stress on your body.

Enjoy Flexibility With Treadmill Hire

You can enjoy the benefits of using a treadmill with long-term and short-term treadmill hire options without having to commit to the often high upfront cost. You can also try out a variety of models, allowing you to find a product that suits your preferences or fitness goals. Some models, for example, include additional features like more extensive incline, sled push and resistance for a high intensity workout.

Reduce Your Home Gym Costs

There’s no need to worry about saving up for an expensive treadmill model with flexible treadmill hire options. This is particularly well suited for beginners with a limited budget or those who are trying out a home gym set up and are still unsure whether they will commit to it long-term. Oftentimes, home gym set ups don’t work out and people are left with a treadmill they don’t use that takes up space. 

Treadmill hire also means that the servicing, maintenance and repair costs are taken care of by the rental provider, eliminating another level of financial stress. You can also rent to own your treadmill. This means that if you do want to own a treadmill eventually, you can reduce the initial upfront cost by paying it off with monthly rental fees. At Health and Leisure, you are not locked into buying the same piece of equipment you hired. You can take off up to 4 months worth of hire fees from any fitness equipment we sell.

Treadmill Hire Tasmania Based Customers Love

Health and Leisure provides flexible and affordable treadmill hire Tasmania based customers can enjoy. From 3 month short-term treadmill hire to long-term rent to own plans, choose from a variety of quality models and enjoy starting your home gym journey today.

To find out more about hiring a treadmill or to get started now, call our team today on 03 6234 5796 or contact us online.

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