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Benefits of Cross Trainer Hire for Cardio in Tasmania

Like many cardio workout machines, elliptical cross trainers provide fantastic health benefits. Regular use of a cross trainer can improve endurance, exercise your entire body and improve your general cardiovascular fitness. With great cross trainer hire options available from the team at Health and Leisure, enjoying the benefits of low-impact cardio workouts has never been easier. Below, we look at the benefits of cross trainers and when you may want to hire elliptical cross trainer equipment.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Cross trainers can easily be used for intense cardio training, improving heart health and helping your body become more efficient at transporting oxygen to the muscles. Cross trainers also provide you with a natural smooth stride without lifting the foot off the footplate, making it very low impact and far less likely to cause injury.

Reduce Injury Risk

For users with limited fitness or pre-existing injuries, a cross trainer is a perfect tool for enjoying cardio workouts that are easy on the knees, joints, hip and back. The low impact nature of cross trainers also reduces the likelihood of an injury in the first place. Cross trainers are one of the safest pieces of fitness equipment. While it’s possible to get injured falling off a treadmill or lifting weights, cross trainers are rarely associated with injuries of any kind.

Vary Workout Intensity

An elliptical cross trainer can be easily adapted to meet your training needs through increasing resistance, incline and pace. Over time, intensity can then easily be accelerated to achieve an incremental progression of fitness. When using a cross trainer, you can choose to brisk walk, run, or challenge yourself to climbing stairs.

In order to change the type of workout, simply vary the resistance of the machine and the speed you move. To improve your overall cardiovascular fitness, introduce high-intensity interval training. This involves mixing high-intensity bursts with periods of low intensity.

Functional Training 

If you’re looking to condition your body to be able to better function for specific activities, opting to hire elliptical machine products is ideal. You can improve the functional ability of many muscles to help make daily tasks easier to perform, making cross trainers popular among older people and those suffering from injuries or health conditions that impact muscle function and fitness.

Walking through uneven terrain, inclines and different environments are great for functional training and improving overall balance and stability. Elliptical cross trainers have the upper hand as they utilise a greater number of muscles than an average walk while offering the ability to adjust the incline, all without impacting joints or muscles.

Work the Entire Body

Cross trainers provide a full-body workout and increase the number of calories burned. To provide an effective workout for the arms, simply hold onto the handles and push and pull as you move your feet on the pedals. This works the entire upper body, including the chest and shoulders. As you move the pedals with your feet, your lower body also gets a great workout. The cross trainer is a highly adaptable machine, and workouts can be tailored to target specific muscle groups as and when required.

Hire Elliptical Machine Products in Tasmania

Looking to hire elliptical cross trainer machines in Tasmania? We at Health and Leisure are the trusted experts when it comes to renting fitness equipment for commercial and home gyms. Explore our range of cross trainer hire or for any enquiries call us on 03 6234 5796 or contact us online

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