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Top Fitness Equipment for Your Home Gym in Tasmania

When it comes to fitness equipment hire in Tasmania, you can turn to the team at Health and Leisure for a reliable service and a great range of products each and every time. Below, we look at some of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment hired from our team for home gyms along with some tips on how to use them properly.


To maximise your workout, learn the different functions of the machine you're using. This includes different incline settings as well as pre-set workouts or intervals to help you vary your run. Pay attention to your stride, aiming to run with your natural gait. While it can be tempting to jump on, go for an intense run and jump off, don’t forget the importance of warming up and cooling down.

Exercise Bikes

Using exercise bikes properly often comes down to your fitness goals and preferences. Start by finding the right exercise bike for you. Options include spin bikes, air bikes and upright bikes for high-intensity cardio workouts as well as recumbent bikes for low-impact workouts in a reclined position. Interval training is a great way to make the most of exercise bike workouts. This involves repeating cycles of longer lower intensity workouts with bursts of high intensity workouts. If you are new to cycling, remember to take things slow when you start to avoid injury.

Rowing Machines

When using a rowing machine, proper form and technique is essential to benefiting from the workout and avoiding injury. Focus on using lower-body muscles like your glutes, hamstrings and quads to push yourself out and then gently glide back in. With your back straight, core engaged and feet firmly planted, push back first with the lower body, then use your upper back to pull your hands toward your chest. Then release your arms toward the base and bend your knees to glide back to the starting position. If you’ve got a sore back after rowing, you’re doing it wrong or have the resistance settings up too high.

Cross Trainer

A cross trainer takes some amount of coordination at first, but it’s a straightforward machine to navigate when you get used to it. Start by placing a foot on each of the stands and take hold of the poles with each hand. Drive your right foot forward, noticing how your right arm needs to extend with it as the pole moves. Then drive your left foot and left arm forward. Keep stepping forward in this way. Make sure to engage your arms rather than just letting your legs do all the work. Most machines will have a resistance level, which can be increased or decreased to make the workout harder or easier.

Fitness Equipment Hire Tasmania Residents Relies On

Health and Leisure are the experts in offering fitness equipment hire Tasmania based homeowners and businesses can count on for all their gym equipment needs. We make the process simple, flexible and affordable, with ‘rent to own’ options available across our fitness equipment hire range. To enquire about our equipment hire in Tasmania, customers can call us on 03 6234 5796 or contact us online.

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