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Home gym hacks

Top 10 Home Gym Hacks for Small Spaces in Tasmania

Building the perfect home gym is an essential goal for many of us aiming to live a healthy lifestyle today. Fitting relatively small spaces in our home with large, heavy and expensive fitness equipment can be challenging. At Health and Leisure, we have years of experience helping Tasmanians create home gyms. Here are our top 10 hacks from home gym equipment hire to smart decor solutions

1. Know What Equipment You Want

Figure out your fitness goals and the kind of workouts you want to do in the space. Cardio exercises? Weight lifting? A mix of both? Determine how many machines you can fit into the space and prioritise which ones you want or need most.

2. Natural Light

Choosing a space with plenty of natural light helps make a small space feel larger and creates a more welcoming and energetic feel. Bonus points if you can achieve a nice view of the outdoors by orienting gym equipment to face windows.

3. Multipurpose Spaces

From garages to attics, home offices and spare bedrooms, finding a multifunctional, flexible space in your home is a great approach to creating an effective home gym space. With items like jigsaw gym floor mats, you can neatly set up and pack away workout spaces before and after using them.

4. Include Non-Aerobic Exercises

It’s easy to focus on the big items like treadmills and bench press weights but remember that workouts aren’t always about rigorous, straining exercises. Make space for other exercises such as yoga, pilates and stretching with simple items like bouncy balls and comfortable roll out mats. 

5. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are an easy and highly effective way of making your small home gym feel more spacious and brighter. It also provides a way to monitor your form during workouts.

6. Hire Gym Equipment

Purchasing equipment for your home gym can be a huge investment. Fortunately, home gym equipment hire can help you reduce costs both upfront and long-term. When you hire gym equipment, you also have the opportunity to try out different pieces of equipment and models to see what best suits you. At Health and Leisure, we also offer rent to own options as part of our home gym hire services.

7. Keep it Simple

The best way to design a home gym in a small space is to keep it as simple as possible. Choose one piece of aerobic exercise equipment, an exercise bike for example, and then opt for other space saving equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands. Avoid adding anything extra that makes the space feel cramped and cluttered.

8. Vertical Storage

Smart vertical shelves and compact storage solutions are great for avoiding clutter across the floor. While you probably won’t be storing kettlebells on wall-mounted shelves, they work great for towels, yoga supplies or a portable speaker.

9. Minimalist Decor

Taking a minimalist approach to the design of your home gym is a great way to make the most of a limited amount of space, helping to create a safe, spacious, uncluttered space for you to work out.

10. Add the Right Flooring

If your potential home gym space has concrete or hardwood flooring, covering it with rubber gym flooring can help provide traction and shock absorption properties, reducing the likelihood of damage from equipment and reducing the risk of injury from slips, trips, strains and falls. 

Home Gym Hire in Tasmania

If you’re looking to purchase or hire gym equipment in Tasmania, look no further than the trusted team here at Health and Leisure. Explore our range of fitness equipment or call us on 03 6234 5796 or contact us online for any queries. 

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